Grief tending events 2020

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"From grief to belonging"
a free talk on why we need community to heal grief.

Wednesday 22nd January 7-8.30pm

We welcome you to come and find out more about our community grief tending ceremonies in Stroud, whether you have been to one of our ceremonies, or if you haven’t yet but feel curious about them.

We recognise that in a secular, capitalist colonial culture, we have lost communal rites of grief which our indigenous ancestors would have had to support the wellbeing of the community and the individual.
There is wisdom in expressing our grief in sacred and communal way, living interconnected with life and death and remembering our shared existence

On the night, we will offer some information about our way and our learning and invite you to imagine how you would find your way into community grief ceremony. This will lead into sharing and learning from each other what attracts us and what might scare us, and enable us to help shape more forms and processes for grief to flow and remind us that we belong together here.

Where: Courtyard Room, Open House, Stroud, (By Star Anise Cafe)

How to register: If you want to come, please register by e-mailing Mari on (or it is possible to simply turn up on the evening) Donations welcome to cover £15 room hire.

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Grief tending ceremonies

Over the winter, our team are taking a rest and re-visioning our offering for 2021.
Contact us if you want to be added to the mailing list

We hope to resume in person ceremonies as soon as the situation allows.
Join us in ceremony and community to open to and express our grief for what we have lost and are losing - both personally and collectively.

Our afternoon together will be based on the work of Francis Weller, Joanna Macy and our mentor Azul Valerie Thome, whom herself has trained with Francis, Joanna and Sobonfu Some. We will spend time connecting to our bodies on the land, time connecting to our gratitude and will make a ceremonial space to welcome and express our grief in these times.

So to give you an idea about the form:

• we will gather to introduce ourselves
• take time in nature, each finding a spot alone to connect both with our grief and our resource.
• take time sharing in pairs to connect with another and find a 'buddy' for the process.
• together we will commence a community grieving ceremony in circle, which enables a few people at a time, supported by another person, to grieve together in the centre of the circle, sounding, moving, speaking emotions with a soundscape of drumming and keening and being witnessed by those in the circle. Each person has had an opportunity to be held and witnessed in the centre (not everybody has to!)
• we will begin an integration time individually and in pairs before we close with a gratitude round of sharing.
• After the close of the ceremony, we invite you to make an arrangement to connect with your buddy to check in and share anything you would like to be heard/ witnessed with as a transition support. We will explain this more if you have questions.

Self-responsibility and preparation:

Self-responsibility for before and after the ceremony: We will do all we can feasibly do as facilitators during the ceremony to support you and ensure that everyone is safe. We ask that you take responsibility for your own mental and physical health and wellbeing by communicating with us beforehand if there is any mental/physical health vulnerability that you feel we should know about - i.e. that might result in extreme reaction/symptom within a relatively unusual and intense emotional environment such as a grief circle.

We also ask that you keep space and time for yourself after the ceremony in case you are exhausted or still feeling vulnerable. The aim of the ceremony is to express, witness and welcome grief, clearing the space in your heart to receive joy again. This process can take time and be unique to each of us, so we recognise that not everybody will leave the ceremony feeling uplifted. We put the buddy system in place for this reason, to enable everyone to leave knowing they have a connection with someone at least. However, this is also why we ask you to take care and let us know how we might help you.

Where: Stroud Community Agriculture Roundhouse. Hawkwood Stroud

Cost: £35 waged, £25 Low waged, £10 unwaged. To cover costs.

How to book: Contact us using our form to mail Mari on